Jul. 27, 2017 - 4 Av 5777
Daf Yomi Sanhedrin 11

5380/1620  HaMekubal Rav Menachem Azaria MiFano - Sh'UT HaRemah

5701/1941  Rav Benzion MiBobov Hy'd

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1.  To be on the Bais Din of Ibur HaChodesh you must be invited the night before.   read more

2.  When a single person in the crowd did something wrong, a tzadik will say that it is he, in order to spare the shame of the person who did it.   read more

3.  Chaggai, Zecharia, and Malachi were the close of Nevua, but there was still a Bas Kol.   read more

4.  Hillel HaZakein, Shmuel HaKattan, and Rebbi Yehuda ben Bava were each worthy to have the Shechina rest on them but the generation was not worthy.

5.  Ibur HaShana must have approval from the Nasi, even if it is done in his absence.

6.  Things we can be MiAber are, washed out roads, bridges, ovens, and if the people already left to be Oleh Regel but were delayed along the way.

7.  Things that we are not MiAber for are snow, cold, and Olei Regalim who have not yet started their journey.

8.  Things that we are only MiAber for in conjunction with a valid Siman are, if the goats, lambs, and birds are still very small.

9.  Rebbi Shimon ben Gamliel holds that the Chodesh HaIbur can be either 29 or 30 days.  The Tanna Kama says only 30 days.

10.  Rabban Gamliel became less stern after they removed him from his Nesius.

11.  For two out of these three reasons Bais Din is MiAber.  a)  The wheat did not ripen for Pesach  b)  The fruit won't ripen for Shavuos  c)  Spring will only start after Pesach or Fall will only start after Succos.

12.  The fruit or wheat criteria must be met in two out of the three territories, Yehuda, Galil, Eiver HaYarden.

13.  Ibur HaShana must be done by Bais Din in Yehuda.  If it is done in Galil it is a Machlokes if it is valid.

14.  Kidush HaChodesh and Ibur HaShana must be done by day and not night.



Daf Headlines

1. Ibur HaChodesh, By Invitation Only

2. Taking Another Person's Shame

3. The End Of Nevua

4. The Nasi's Role In Ibur HaShana

5. Good And Not So Good Reasons To Be MiAber

6. Adar Sheini 29 or 30 Days

7. Fear vs. Humility

8. The Test For Ibur HaShana - Yehuda, Galil & Eiver HaYarden

9. Bais Din Being MiAber Outside Of Yehuda


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