Feb. 22, 2019 - 17 Adar I 5779
Daf Yomi Chulin 87

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Summary of:

The Daf

Daf Bullets

1. Mishna - Kisui HaDam when not done properly the first time

2. The obligation of Kisui is on the one who shechted it. If he doesn’t do it then anyone who sees must do it.

3. We learn Bizui Mitzva from Kisui HaDam where we learn that he must do kisui with his hands and not his feet.

4. If some takes a bracha from his friend he must pay him 10 zehuvim for each bracha.

5. Story with Rebbi and the Min who was Kofer in Achdus Hashem.

6. Kisui done properly the first time need not be redone even if it gets uncovered.

7. Kisui done by the wind need not be redone unless it gets uncovered then the chiyuv comes back since Ein Dichui Eitzel Mitzvos.

8. If the blood was absorbed by the ground before Kisui, it can still be done if there is still a stain of blood.

9. Mishna - Kisui on blood that is diluted. Machlokes Chachomim and Rebbi Yehuda.

10. Blood that is diluted in water still needs Kisui if it has a red appearance.

11. If the blood is diluted in other blood then we consider the other blood like water and estimate the appearance.

12. Normally if the blood fell into water it always becomes batel since each drop that fell is batel. Not by Kisui however since there is not dichui by mitzvos.

13. If Dam falls into untouched rainwater it is machshir if there is an appearance of blood.

14. The water that appears around congealed blood is machshir if it has a red appearance. There is a chiyuv kares for drinking it, if there is a revi’is.



Daf Headlines

1. Mishna - No Kisui or Kisui by the wind

2. Mitzva of Kisui goes first to the Shochet

3. Kisui with Hands and Not Feet, Bizui Mitzva

4. Ten Zehuvim for grabbing a Bracha

5. Story with Rebbi and the Apikores

6. Proper Kisui once is enough

7. Kisui by Wind Requires Second if Undone, Ein Dichui Eitzel Mitzvos

8. Still Chayav in Kisui if Stain Noticeable

9. Mishna - Mixed Blood

10. Bitul of Blood in Water or Water in Blood

11. Bitul Dam for Hechsher, in Rainwater or Blood water


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